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Welcome to Allegany Law Foundation, Inc. (ALF).
You must provide the information listed below, so you may want to gather it before you start:

  • Income information for all household members
  • The value of your house, if you have one
  • The value of your car, if you have one
  • How much you have in your checking or savings account, or any investment accounts

PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT a ALF client until ALF tells you that your case has been accepted. There is no attorney-client privilege with any ALF staff or volunteer attorney until you and your attorney have signed a representation agreement. ALF may search public and private databases for potential legal issues you may have. *


ALF assists residents of Allegany County. If you do not live in Allegany County or your legal problem happened outside of Allegany County, please visit (additional resources page) or call our phone intake at (301) 722-3390 between 9 am and 12 pm, Monday through Thursday.

Hearing Date

Given the short time frame for this kind of case, please do not complete the online intake. Instead, please call our phone intake at (301) 722-3390 between 9 am and 12 pm, Monday through Thursday.

Type of Problem

ALF assists with some, but not all civil legal matters.

If your legal problem is not listed, please call our phone intake at (301) 722-3390 between 9 am and 12 pm, Monday through Thursday or go to additional resources.

Household Income

HOUSEHOLD INCOME. Financial eligibility is based on Household Income, Household Size, and Assets. ALF cannot provide a free attorney to any client who exceeds the Household Income Eligibility Guidelines. Failure to provide complete and accurate household information may result in denial of placement services.

  1. “Household” is your family unit, all persons sharing both physical and financial living arrangements with you.
  2. Your spouse or domestic partner must be included in your household if you share a residence.
  3. Every household must list all income, public benefits, and other means of support.

Financial Information

Provide the number of adults and children in your household. If there are no children in your household, enter 0.

Household Income:

You must fill in at least one monthly income amount or select 'No Income' if no one has any income. ENTER ONLY MONTHLY AMOUNTS. For example: "Employment, $425, spouse."

Asset Information

Below, enter a dollar amount for each asset type listed. Enter a "0" if applicable. Please DO NOT list any expenses including rent, car or insurance payments. If you own a business , please put the name of the business in the asset notes field.

Enter a value under Home if you or another household member is on the deed to the home. Enter a value under Other Property if you or another household member owns additional property, such as land, a rental property, vacation home, or time share.

Don't forget to list all properties, including second properties, time shares, boats, campers, etc.

If you are unsure of the value of your home, you can click here to look it up at the Maryland Department of Assets & Taxation.

If you are unsure of the value of your car, you can click here to visit Kelley Blue Book to determine an estimated value.

Personal Information

Phone Numbers and Email Address

If you do not have a Home Phone, list your mobile phone number as your home phone. Use the "Safe" checkbox to indicate which phone numbers are okay for us to call.

Home Phone

Business Phone

Mobile Phone

Client Statistics

Information in this section will be used for demographic purposes only and will in no way affect whether or not ALF is able to provide you with an attorney.

Opposing Party Info

Please fill in as much information as you can about the party you are in dispute with

Facts About your Legal Issue

If you have a court case number please enter it. If you aren’t sure of your case number, you can click here to search Maryland Judiciary Case Search.

If you have a hearing scheduled pertaining to your legal matter, please enter it.

Facts of Case


I understand that Allegany Law Foundation, Inc. (ALF) is a volunteer referral program and does not guarantee it will find an attorney who will accept my case.
You are not an ALF client until ALF notifies you that your case has been accepted. There is no attorney-client relationship with any ALF staff or volunteer attorney until you and your attorney have signed a representation agreement.
I understand that after my attorney accepts my case, my relationship with my attorney will be governed by the agreement between myself and my attorney.
I understand that once ALF refers me to an attorney, the attorney may refuse to accept my case if my case is deemed to have no merit; accepting my case would involve violation of law or Rules of Professional Responsibility; I am not prepared or able to pay the court costs or other expenses necessary for proper handling of my case; or any other legitimate reason. I understand that failure to keep appointments or failure to cooperate with the attorney or staff at Allegany Law can result in services being discontinued and I may be ineligible for services in the future.
I understand that ALF will seek to place my case with an attorney who will not charge me for representation, and that my attorney will seek waivers of fees and court costs for which I am eligible. I further understand that I am responsible for the payment of any and all non-waivable court costs, advertising fees, paternity tests, or other fees that may arise in association with my case.
I authorize ALF to share any and all of my personal and financial records with my assigned attorney, law office staff, or legal or social service agencies to whom my matter is referred by ALF. I authorize my attorney to disclose to ALF any information that my attorney learns about my financial circumstances.
I hereby permit and instruct any attorney, law office staff, legal or social services agency to which this matter is referred by ALF to respond by phone or in writing to requests made by ALF for information about the facts, progress or outcome of my case.
I understand that ALF may check the accuracy of the information I have provided about my household, assets, and income.
If my financial circumstances improve during the time I am represented by an attorney, I will immediately inform ALF and my file will be reviewed for continued services. If I do not qualify based on eligibility criteria, I agree to negotiate a private fee with the attorney for continued representation.

I understand that ALF may close my case at any time upon learning that the information provided is incorrect.
I authorize ALF to release the information provided during the application and intake process to persons checking to see that ALF has complied with the restriction on its funding.
I release Allegany Law Foundation, Inc. and its officers, directors, members, and employees from any and all claims, losses, and liability arising out of any referral made by or through any of Allegany Law Foundation’s programs.
I authorize ALF to contact me through all communication outlets, including but not limited to mail, phone, email and text, unless I notify ALF that I do not want to receive that communication type and I agree to keep ALF informed of any changes to my contact information